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Packing System

Our state of the art, web-based packing system, PACK-EASY™, enables us to connect with our customers around the clock and around the globe in real time.

We utilize PACK-EASY™ as our export crating, warehousing and logistics system. PACK-EASY™ enables us to receive POs from our customers electronically eliminating the need for us to manually reenter POs in our system. Once a PO is entered our system, the PO is tracked at both the line item and project level from delivery at Cargo Crating to the next destination in the supply chain.

Since our system is web based an unlimited number of our customers can log in from anywhere in the world to view the status of their POs, material receipts, items that have been released, what is being packed, what is packed, export packing lists , containerized packing lists, what has shipped, etc. in real time.

PACK-EASY™ is the trademark of Worldwide Software Systems.